Wake Up, Six

The Devil Wears Prada has been my goto motivation movie for years. I’m not really sure how it stuck, but back in college I would put on this movie and be able to stop procrastinating and do my work. Even after college, I would put on this movie whenever I just needed to get some ish done. It’s probably because I’ve always loved New York and dreamt of working at a magazine.

That movie came out in 2006 and I still use it. In fact, I turned it on last night. I’ve been starting this super fun but super involved Poshmark business as a part of my self-care. The details of that endeavor are for another post. I promise I’ll write it eventually. Anyway, I got all of these super awesome clothes but when it comes down to organizing, steaming, ironing, taking pictures, and writing, it can be a little tough to focus. The first week I was super obsessed so this wasn’t a problem. But its been a month now and, although I still absolutely love it, the work was starting to set in.

So I got into my whole “Sit down and do you ish, Amanda” mode. I’m not sure if this helps or hurts but, again, that’s whole nother post (that I will write as soon as I get my ish together). Anyway, the only thing that I knew to do was turn on the Devil Wears Prada. I had recently recorded it on E! because who has a DVD player anymore?

So this gets me to the reason I’m writing this post

It’s not really about the motivation factor of this movie- though, you guessed it, ooh another post? It’s what I realized as I was half tuning it out while working on my Posh closet. unashamed link

I’m like half way through the movie, and I hear Stanley Tucci say, “Wake up, Sweethart.” Any ounce of focus on my closet was immediately killed. Had he not always said “Wake up, Six”? I’ve seen this movie a gazillion bazillion times and I was sure it had been edited. I rewound it like 7 times and watched his lip movement to prove my point. AND THEN…. they totally cut out the whole part where he took her to the closet and kept commenting on her size telling her that all she could fit into was a poncho??

All of a sudden I realized that E! had canned the body shaming in this movie. Of course I went back to things that I missed while I was focused. They totally did. This is amazing, right?

it made me realize two things. #1 that we have come a long way since 2006 in terms of loving all bodies. #2 Why TF hadnt I realized how incredibly body shaming this movie really was? I mean, I knew it was there. I could quote the lines. And I knew it was bad, but I had never really understood it on a level of social impact. Body shaming a person for wearing a size 6? At one point in the original they said “6 is the new 14” and made an icky face.

I’ve been a size 14 for a duration of time that this movie has been out and never once did I really get personally offended. It’s interesting now to reflect back on that because I’m realizing just how much truth I attributed to these concepts. I never got upset about him calling a 14 big because I totally believed that a 14 was big and that I was big. So it wasn’t appalling to me because it was true.

Reflection is always emotionally multifaceted

On one hand, I’m like “Whew, I’m glad that I love and respect my body now.” (heart emoji) On the other hand, “What the actual eff? I thought that way? Thats so sad” (streaming tear emoji) I’m sure that I’m not the only person who has felt this way, especially if you grew up in one of the many decades that embodied body shaming. Im just hopeful that, at least for now, we are moving past that. I don’t want to see my beloved kids and teenage clients go through this. Or at least we can try to limit the amount of “this” that they go through.

Body consciousness is normal and natural and actually pretty important. Its good to be aware of yourself as you are in your skin. Its the unbelievable yet painstakingly believable lies that we are told that confirm all of the negative banter floating around in our heads.

Wake up, Sweethart, its time to recognize the lies and challenge the culture. Negative, degrading, body shaming comments are not normal. They are not okay. They hold no value of truth. Think about the eeriness of the fact that most of us know exactly what “6 is the new 14” means, so much so that we just nod our heads and agree. What the hell is that? A 6 is a 6, a 14 is a 14, a number is a number, but a body is something that gives you life. Let’s please stop holding back our lives based on some stupid number that is subject to change based on what Miranda Priestly says this month.

End Rant. Thank you E! Happy Poshing.

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