Self-Care Moment: Just Do it.

I’m not exactly sure what to write. This happens all of the time. I start overthinking my blog posts and then lose interest, spirit, and, frankly, my train of thought. But I don’t want to stop writing all together, as I have in the past. So I’ll just let it flow and see what happens, seo be damned.

This is actually a pretty relevant talking point about self-care. Like many of us, I tend to overexert myself in every facet of my life- self-care practices not excluded. I actually have to thank my ex stepdad a little on this one, believe it or not. He was definitely a snake, but I did get a lil out of my time with him. Although failure to achieve high expectations certainly came with a cost, the idea that I could do anything certainly peaked my interest.

Thus, every project I take on has the potential to become a highly lucrative endeavor. This works to my advantage in almost every case except that of hobbies and self-care. Hobbies and self-care are things that are supposed to bring peace and comfort, not stress and pressure. But I seriously can’t take a yoga class without feeling pressure to become a yoga instructor. Or paint a picture without thinking of my future Etsy sales. Or write a blog post without trying to get a billion hits and a book deal….

And that’s where I’m at right now. I’ve compensated for this to the fullest degree by becoming a therapist and wellness blogger. My self-care personality type has always indicated that my ideal self-care practices involve writing and helping people. These things make me feel better…. So why not get paid for them? Right?

Don’t worry, I’m not quitting my job. It has actually worked out well for the most part. But I still run into these little blocks here and there. The pressure still gets to me from time to time and stifles my productivity. So I’m often left, not only limited in my professional practices, but at the very same time I’m abandoning my self-care. Good job, pressure, you’ve served me well?

So, here’s what this little rant comes down to: don’t overthink your self-care. Just do it. Don’t worry about doing it right, or perfecting your craft, or following through on some ridiculous schedule. Don’t make it more than it is. Because the more you pressure yourself to take care of yourself, the more you may end up sabotaging your self-care. Just try to stay in the moment and let self-care actually be about taking care of yourself whatever that looks like. If it ends up being more, that’s great! Just be sure to preserve the original intent and purpose.


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