Coffee, Cats, and Yard Ghosts

Coffee, cats, and yard ghosts. These are the three things that bring me joy right now.

I’ve done quite a few more self-care webinars than usual this past week and it’s starting to seep in a little. The first thing I always ask of my tribe is to “Name three things that bring you joy right now.” Obviously, I believed it would be a nice little icebreaker, but it has really turned into something much more special.

Taking a moment to pause and look around you for joy is extremely therapeutic. Like, insanely therapeutic. You know something like that works when you find yourself sitting outside on the steps drinking coffee and you’re reminded of the webinar you hosted yesterday. I see a lot of people throughout the week and give a lot of positive encouragement, but its sort of a well known thing in my profession that therapists rarely take their own advice. Yup, I said it and I own it. We are usually so engaged in helping the other person that it’s a one way out kind of thing. But there are a few key moments in my career where things from my sessions started to seep beautifully in to my own personal life, and that my friends is magical. #therapistgoals.

I’m taking a lil “Self-Care Moment” to acknowledge this self-care moment. I’m sitting, coffee in hand, on comfortably cold brick steps, with an outdoor cat named No’Tail (I’ve never typed out his name before, and now I love it even more). I just glanced out in the yard and took note of the little cheapo Halloween solar lights that I put out in the yard back in October. These little Dollar Tree gems are still going strong in the middle of March.

I see these things on the regular. But today they meant something a little more. It kinda a “stop and look at the cat” moment, which certain is self-care. So take some time for do this for yourself. Take a second to look around you and find three things the bring you joy. It will change your day!

What three things bring you joy right now? Feel free to leave it in the comments 😁


      1. 🙂 Btw I have a recording from Wed night of the Mindful Body Scan, so if you wanted that rather than recording it again, you can drop me a line, you should have my email from the comments!

  1. Hi Amanda,

    As well as posting the new hashtag, here’s another suggestion for a blog post/section of your site: a poll for which webinar we want next! 😀 Although, I’d be interested in any that I’ve not done yet, which is still a lot of them 🙂

    Btw, you’ve not emailed me yet, right? There’s no hurry to, just letting you know I don’t think I’ve received an email. I can also upload the file somewhere and post the link so you can download it, if that’s more helpful 🙂

  2. Crystle and I couldn’t get into the webinar, it said 502 bad gateway. But Pickle said a few were in there, but it wasn’t working properly. Anyway, Pickle invited them to the discord chat, so a bunch of us are in there now. Will keep refreshing and see if it works!

    1. Hey omg I was getting ready to reach out to you! I cant find your email back in the comments for some reason so send it again if you can. Im getting the same message. I emailed the groupinar team and hopefully they will help figure it out. This one might not work today but Ill be on again tomorrow. And ill take this time to BLOG 🙂

      1. Ok cool! And Pickle just shared the link for here so perhaps a few others will comment 😉 I didn’t post my email in the comment, but doesn’t it show up in your WordPress Comments section? If not I can post it.

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