(For MY groupinar peeps ) Stay away from 502

Its a bad gateway, yall. So if you were just in my BH Groupinar, something went wrong and none of us can get in. I sent an email to the groupinar team so hopefully they will fix the problem. I don’t think we will get back into the Groupinar today, but please feel free to come to one of my other sessions. Here is the link with the rest of the dates for this week. You can actually go ahead and register and it will send you an invite.

For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, check out Betterhelp. Its an awesome online counseling platform and I run a few “Groupinars” on there for members.

Hope everyone has a great day and Im sorry we couldn’t meet but I will see yall soon!


  1. Thanks for making it back in 🙂 Seems that after you were kicked out, the others were still in there and some stayed, and then eventually the rest of us got back in.

    Not that I need it, but I think you forgot to add the link for the dates for the rest of the week!

  2. Hey Amanda! How’re you doing? Sure has been a lot of groupinars you’ve been giving these past two weeks, you must be pooped! 🙂 But if you have the energy and BH has the desire, here are potential follow-ups in the ‘series’ 😉 Self Care 101: Surviving Isolation Fatigue, or Self Care 101: Too Much Virtual Social Interaction? (just ideas, could be anything really!)

  3. Is the groupinar on self-care personality types today (4/1/20) and, if so, what time? I am having trouble finding a link and any time details to join in, if it’s not too late. Thank you! <3

  4. I m not sure if you ll get that on time! I m enrolled with BH but I did not receive the link to the event for today’s webinar Self-Care 101: Physical Self-Care, despite my registration. Could I get this link or the event ID pls?

    1. Hey! I’m sorry that I missed your comment! And I’m sorry that you didn’t get the link! You can still get access to the slides on my website. I’ll be doing one on Social Self Care next week and I always do a little review of the basics so if encourage you to attend next week. Hope to see ya there!

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