Today’s Joyful Things

colouring!, hot tea, rain on the windows, singing, smelling flowers, connecting, coloring, thunderstorms, birds chirping as the sun rises, sunflower seeds, cat, sunlight,my dogs, morning cup of coffee, sound of birds chirping through my window, my dogs, My kids, cleaning, this moment, My daughter, my parents, music, nature, coffee, facials, books from my childhood, coffee, my daughter, reading, Central heating, clean sheets, new friends and new opportunities, long walks, cooking, writing, warm weather coming soon, pink lemonade, and bagel with cream cheese, and instacart too(when its working lol), Crafting, my daughter, working on understanding myself, even when im sick.. i still try to put myself together.. i take a shower, i change my clothes and do my hair, My college Tee Shirt, Matching pajamas (even matching my hair tie), and my red royal mug. 


  1. This puts a huge smile on my face, and brings me even more joy 😀 Hope it becomes a series!

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