Slow down, Amanda

Sorry to burst your self-care bubble, but just because I know a lot about self-care doesn’t mean I always take the best care of myself. I talk about this stuff for a living yet I still catch myself ignoring my self-care needs from time to time. Spoiler alert: turns out therapists are human too. No one is immune to stress.

I’ve been struggling with the whole “self-care moment” thing this past few weeks. (Struggling with a concept that I created makes me either a hypocrite or absolute genius lol) With starting my new exciting career I’ve been running a mile a minute with no time to stop and smell the self-care.

My mission in writing this is twofold. I want to normalize that practicing self-care isn’t always easy and I’d also like to take this opportunity to give myself a little grace. As soon as I realized that I need to slow the ff down, i started making a list of self-care moments from my day. I started writing this out in a google doc but thought I’d share it here instead.

Today I went over to my friend’s house to get out and socialize for a bit. Both of us are self-proclaimed workaholics so I suggested that instead of continuing to work (which we often do) that we slow down and take an intentional break. We sat out on her front porch, had a champagne cocktail and ordered Jimmy Johns. (This was a prepandemic after work ritual).

Let me tell you that taking that intentional break and identifying it as self-care was really good for my soul. I’m sure we’ve done this a few times before but recognizing it as a self-care moment and embracing the pause was just what I needed to help me slow down and get grounded.

Oh and I just intention took a glorious bubble bath. There’s that. Baths=Amanda’s ultimate self-care ritual.

So those were my #selfcaremoments for the day. How did you take care of yourself today?


  1. Love this! We can’t graduate from self-care, even if we (you) are “experts” in it – we’ll need to practice self-care for the rest of our lives 🙂

    I’m slowly starting to adjust my thinking that I don’t need to be “productive” after 8pm or 9pm. Or even 6pm or 7pm. I also took a nice hot bath the other night, and this evening I sat comfortably and didn’t feel like I had to be “doing” something.

    Soooo much grace to you!

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