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I’m all about empowering others to embrace their self-care moments and flaunt the ways that we all take care of ourselves everyday! I believe in the power of taking back the “self” in “self-care” and creating a culture of strong, vibrant, and unique individuals who are dedicated to growing themselves from within.

The goal of this site/blog/self-care movement is to promote all things self-care in an effort reach all of our unique self-care needs. I have a lot of great tips, ideas, and resources that I have collected in my practice and through my research, but I also want to be able to share things that other people have found helpful as well. One of my favorite things about running my webinars is hearing people express all of the different ways that they have navigated their own self-care journey. I learn so much from you guys every time, and I’ve found new ways to enhance my own self-care just by being a part of the Self-Care 101 community.

So now is the time to let your self-care shine! This week I will be sharing lots of resources related to all things self-care and I invite you all to share with one another as well. Submit your favorite self-care tips, tricks, hacks, pins, books, apps, and resources in the comment section below. I’ll be glad to share them out over the next week and I’d love to give you a shout out and add your ideas to my upcoming Self-Care Resource Roundup webinar and blog.

So take advantage of this self-care moment and share some of your favorite ways to take care of yourself.

And… go!


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