How to Practice Everyday Self Care

How To Practice Everyday Self Care

There are so many ways to take good care of ourselves beyond the usual luxuries that we associate with self care. Let’s explore some of the more unconventional aspects of everyday self care that often go unnoticed. From what I have learned as a therapist, many of us typically only think of self care as an indulgent experience. It’s so important to remember that even small, everyday actions contribute to our overall well-being.

Prioritize Basic Self Care

Amid our busy lives, it’s important to notice and give credit to the self care practices that we already do. For instance, the simple act of doing daily hygiene tasks and rituals can hold immense power in promoting a sense of well-being. Taking a shower, washing your face, and preparing for the day may seem like routine tasks. Yet, they have the potential to uplift us and create a positive foundation for the day ahead. When we’re stressed out, these seemingly basic actions can become a source of solace and comfort. By valuing these everyday rituals, we nurture a sense of self care that supports both our physical and emotional health.

Embrace Chores and Everyday Tasks

Contrary to common belief, self care isn’t limited to fancy and luxurious experiences. In fact, tasks that we might consider chores are also a form of everyday self care. Completing household chores tasks and other important tasks is a way to take good care care of yourself. These actions contribute to our overall well-being by helping us feel a sense of accomplishment. By thinking of these tasks as acts of self care, we shift our perspective and recognize the value of tending to our environment and responsibilities. The act of taking care of our surroundings becomes an act of self love.

Cultivate Mindful Thoughts

One often overlooked aspect of self care involves creating mindful thoughts. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) teaches us that our thoughts influence our emotions and behaviors. Therefore, putting time and effort into understanding and reshaping our thought patterns can be a significant act of everyday self care. Engaging in activities like journaling, practicing gratitude, and meditation can help nurture our mental health. By intentionally focusing on our thoughts and practicing cognitive shifts, we enhance our emotional well-being and empower ourselves to navigate challenges with greater ease.

Shifting Perspective on Self-Care

In the realm of self care, it’s important to shift our perspective from solely focusing on the big and bold, to appreciating the value of daily actions. While spa days and vacations are undoubtedly wonderful, true self care extends beyond these moments. By acknowledging the value of routine actions and small efforts, we create a well-rounded self care practice. This shift in perspective allows us to integrate self care into our lives, finding joy in the everyday simple stuff.

Putting It All Together

Redefining self care means changing our understanding of what it entails. Rather than only thinking of self care as the big, bold, and beautiful, we embrace the idea that every action aimed at nurturing our well-being is an act of self care. This includes mundane tasks, routine responsibilities, and the deliberate cultivation of positive thoughts. Basically, by broadening our perspective, we empower ourselves to infuse self care into every aspect of our lives. This holistic approach ensures that our well-being is consistently prioritized, and our self care practice becomes an integral part of our daily existence.

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