Prompt: How are you feeling right now?

How are you feeling right now?

Oooh! As a therapist I ask this question like 10 times a day but it’s been a minute since I’ve asked myself how I’m feeling. One of the things I talk about a lot in therapy is the idea that we usually have a bazillion feelings at one time, not just one. So let’s explore what’s going on in my world right now and try to find all the feelings.

Let’s see…My alarm just went off and i actually decided to go ahead and stay awake instead of hitting snooze. Even though I could totally stand to sleep more bc my cute amazing cat, Dolores, kept waking me up all night by knocking everything off every shelve, table, ir counter in the house. But it’s Friday and I have a short day and a long weekend!

Mom is coming down to visit and the only thing on the agenda is the beach. She did sign us up for a yoga class one morning but that’s on the beach too! So we’re just going to relax, and talk, and probably nap and read and definitely eat some good food!

I wasn’t sure if it would work out bc yesterday we went through a tropical storm that could have been a hurricane with a few tornado warnings and my town tends to flood. 24 hours ago I didn’t know if id be up and ready for a beautiful beach weekend or up pulling trees off of the roof with no electricity for the next ten days.

Fortunately it was just a tropical storm by the time it reached us but we did have a pretty close tornado scare so I spent about 30 minutes crouched in the hallway with my cat in her carrier bracing ourselves for our house to be blown over. But nothing happened and then it felt kind of silly to have done that but also totally necessary.

So right now I’m processing the fact that we just inched past a hurricane and now it’s beautiful outside and I’m going to have a mini staycation. But hey, at least I have good snacks on hand and plenty of bottled water to stay hydrated!

Phew. How many feelings did you count from all that?

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  1. Wow, that sounds, uh… exciting? 🙈

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