Self Care 101

Welcome to Self Care 101. Here you will find some resources and tools to help enhance your self care practices. Learn how to take the self-shame out of self care as we explore new ways of thinking about it. Taking care of yourself is not selfish, it’s essential.

Self Care 101

Self Care 101 Teachable School

In my Teachable School you will find content and resources relevant to taking self care and various overall wellness strategies. This is where I house supplemental materials to all of my webinars. You can also take a free mini course in The Basics of Self Care. In this mini-course we will be learning how to change our thoughts about self-care to make it more doable and less stressful. If you have ever felt the self-shame of not having enough time, money, or energy to practice self-care, this course is for you! I’ll teach you how to rethink and reframe self-care in a way that makes sense in your daily life. When it comes to self-care, I think we need to work smarter, not harder. Self care shouldn’t be stressful. If you are familiar with my Groupinars on Betterhelp, this is the place to be for all of your self care 101 needs.

The Blog

Welcome to my self care 101 blog. This is where I post my thoughts, ideas, and rants about all things related to self care. As a therapist, I have witnessed so many people find a lot of guilt and shame when it comes to self care. There is so much irony in this. We should feel good about doing things to take care of ourselves. Im really committed to reshaping negative thoughts about self care. It’s kind of my soap box. My ultimate goal is to create a better, more balanced, narrative about the idea of self care.

Latest Blog Posts

How often do you walk or run?

How often do you walk or run? Oh I have thoughts on this! So I grew up having a lot of women role models who were really big on running. It seemed like that was just the thing to do to stay fit, but I’ve never really been very athletically driven or talented. So it…

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What’s your favorite word?

What’s your favorite word? I was just talking about this with one of my teens today in counseling! I love the word “Weird”!!! I’ve always loved the word weird and very rarely have I ever used or thought of in any sort of negative way. It always brought me joy and made me smile from…

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Self Care for Busy Days: 7 Tips to Prioritize Your Well-Being

In the midst of today’s fast-paced world, carving out time for self-care can feel like a challenge, especially on jam-packed days filled with obligations. However, tending to our well-being is paramount for managing stress and sustaining a healthy life. Explore these practical self-care tips tailored for busy days to help you stay centered amidst the…

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Prompt: Describe your ideal week.

Describe your ideal week. This prompt is very fitting for me at the present moment because I was literally just laying in bed trying plan my week ahead. No joke, I just read a random article on how to find your motivational flow. It was a good article, but I really didn’t need to read…

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Prompt: How do you relax?

How do you relax? As a therapist, I think a lot of people have this idea that I’m super chill and zen all of the time. I mean, it makes sense- I literally teach relaxation skills and techniques so I must be the most relaxed person ever, right? Ha! Fooled ya! Like most things in…

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Prompt: What brings a tear of joy to your eye?

What brings a tear of joy to your eye? Tear of joy?!? That’s a phrase I haven’t used/heard in a hot minute. As a therapist Im obsessed with specific ways that we describe our emotions, and I was today years old when I realized just how intricate and articulate this phrase actually is. I’m well…

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Self-Care for High-Functioning Anxiety: Nurturing Your Well-being

Living with high-functioning anxiety can be challenging, but with the right self-care strategies, you can find balance and lead a fulfilling life. In this blog post, we’ll explore effective self-care techniques to manage high-functioning anxiety and prioritize your well-being. How Can We Use Self-Care To Help Combat High-Functioning Anxiety? 1. Set Healthy Boundaries:Prioritize your time…

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Prompt: How are you feeling right now?

How are you feeling right now? Oooh! As a therapist I ask this question like 10 times a day but it’s been a minute since I’ve asked myself how I’m feeling. One of the things I talk about a lot in therapy is the idea that we usually have a bazillion feelings at one time,…

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Mastering Cognitive Distortions with CBT Techniques

In our intricate journey of thoughts, patterns emerge, shaped by life experiences and adaptations. However, not all these patterns are beneficial; some give rise to maladaptive thinking. These cognitive distortions often operate unnoticed, impacting our well-being. By cultivating awareness of our thoughts and narratives, we can unveil and transform these distorted patterns.

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