Self Care 101

Welcome to Self Care 101. Here you will find some resources and tools to help enhance your self care practices. Learn how to take the self-shame out of self care as we explore new ways of thinking about it. Taking care of yourself is not selfish, it’s essential.

Creating Balance In Your Life
Balance was my "one word" last year. As a matter of fact, …
Positive Self Talk Works
Did you know that we talk to ourselves all of the time? …
Self Care 101

Self Care 101 Teachable School

In my Teachable School you will find content and resources relevant to taking self care and various overall wellness strategies. This is where I house supplemental materials to all of my webinars. You can also take a free mini course in The Basics of Self Care. In this mini-course we will be learning how to change our thoughts about self-care to make it more doable and less stressful. If you have ever felt the self-shame of not having enough time, money, or energy to practice self-care, this course is for you! I’ll teach you how to rethink and reframe self-care in a way that makes sense in your daily life. When it comes to self-care, I think we need to work smarter, not harder. Self care shouldn’t be stressful. If you are familiar with my Groupinars on Betterhelp, this is the place to be for all of your self care 101 needs.

The Blog

Welcome to my self care 101 blog. This is where I post my thoughts, ideas, and rants about all things related to self care. As a therapist, I have witnessed so many people find a lot of guilt and shame when it comes to self care. There is so much irony in this. We should feel good about doing things to take care of ourselves. Im really committed to reshaping negative thoughts about self care. It’s kind of my soap box. My ultimate goal is to create a better, more balanced, narrative about the idea of self care.

Latest Blog Posts

Common Thinking Errors That Get In The Way Of Self Care

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is all about how we think, how we feel, and how we act. One of the most important tasks in CBT is recognizing and understanding your established thinking patterns. The more we hear ourself thinking, the easier it is to notice any unhelpful or negative thoughts that may be getting in…

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Physical Self Care Activities You Can Do At Home

If you are anything like me, the pandemic has brought out the inner homebody that I didn’t know existed. Or maybe you have always been more comfortable in the comfort of your own home and you just prefer it that way. Some of you may have some barriers in your life that make that getting…

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How To Develop A Self Care Mindset

If you’ve ever been to one of my groupinars, you probably know how passionate I am about how we define self care. I’m constantly promoting the importance of developing a mindset that defines self care as just simply “taking care of yourself.” It’s not a noun, its not a verb, self care is a concept.…

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Practicing Self Care For Anxiety

If self care is all about taking care of yourself, then putting effort towards managing your anxiety is the ultimate act of self care. Everyone gets anxious from time to time, it is a normal and natural human emotion. But sometimes it can become overwhelming. When anxious thoughts start getting in your way, that’s when…

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Types Of Journals For Self Care

Journaling is something that comes up a lot in my therapy practice. So many people often walk into my office distraught because they feel like they can’t practice good self care. They report having tried various things like journaling and it didn’t work out for them for one reason or another. This leads them to…

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The Importance Of Physical Self Care

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about self care within the mental health community. In this era of greater mental health awareness, we are in a constant search of ways to pay attention to and take care of our emotional health. As a therapist, I am fully jumping on this trend. However, we…

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How To Be Your Own Best Friend

Are you your friend? This is one of my goto CBT examples in my therapy practice. I remember the first time that I used it. I was counseling a teenage girl in her freshman year of high school. Beautiful girl, smart girl, and overall wonderful compassionate human. The kind of girl that most people would…

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Creating Balance In Your Life

Balance was my “one word” last year. As a matter of fact, it is often my word of choice when anyone tells me to think of a word. My mother has been preaching balance to me all of my life, and while I have struggled in and out of it, I do believe that identifying…

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Self Care Isn’t Selfish

Note to self: Self Care isn’t selfish. Why we have to keep making these notes to ourselves, I have no idea. I’m a therapist and I still have to remind myself of these things on a daily basis. Logically, I know that self care is not selfish, but it can certainly start to feel that…

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