Self Care Confession

self care confession

Sorry to burst your self care bubble, but just because I know a lot about self care doesn’t mean I always take the best care of myself. I talk about this stuff for a living. Yet I still catch myself ignoring my self care needs from time to time. Self Care Confession: turns out therapists are human too. No one is immune to stress.

I’ve been struggling with the whole “self care moment” thing this past few weeks. (Struggling with a concept that I created makes me either a hypocrite or absolute genius lol). With starting my new exciting career. Self care confession: I’ve been running a mile a minute with no time to stop and smell the self care.

My mission in writing this self care confession is twofold. I want to normalize that practicing self care isn’t always easy and I’d also like to take this opportunity to give myself a little grace. As soon as I realized that I need to slow the ff down, i started making a list of self care moments from my day. I started writing this out in a google doc but thought I’d share it here instead.

Today I went over to my friend’s house to get out and socialize for a bit. Both of us are self-proclaimed workaholics so I suggested that instead of continuing to work (which we often do) that we slow down and take an intentional break. We sat out on her front porch, and ordered Jimmy Johns. (This was a prepandemic after work ritual).

Well, self care confession. Let me tell you that taking that intentional break and identifying it as self care was really good for my soul. I’m sure we’ve done this a few times before but recognizing it as a self care moment and embracing the pause was just what I needed to help me slow down and get grounded.

Oh and I just intentionally took a glorious bubble bath. There’s that. Baths=Amanda’s ultimate self-care ritual.

So that was my self care confession for the day. How did you take care of yourself today?

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  1. Love this! We can’t graduate from self-care, even if we (you) are “experts” in it – we’ll need to practice self-care for the rest of our lives 🙂

    I’m slowly starting to adjust my thinking that I don’t need to be “productive” after 8pm or 9pm. Or even 6pm or 7pm. I also took a nice hot bath the other night, and this evening I sat comfortably and didn’t feel like I had to be “doing” something.

    Soooo much grace to you!

    1. Yes, girl! Much love!!

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