Self Care Journal 1

How would you describe yourself to someone who can’t see you?

Okay, I’ll play.,,

You think you know, but it’s been a hot minute.

I like a good prompt and haven’t done a lot of free writing in a while so here goes…

Here’s how you should see me, or how I see myself, or really how I want you to see me. Although my first thought when reading this question is that it is focusing on physical attributes, that wasn’t my first instinctual response. Maybe it comes from being a therapist and constantly having to write bios describing myself… as a therapist… but I tend to go inward instead of outward on this question. My go to response would be to write a bunch of flowery words all to say that I’m compassionate and creative. That’s it. Those two words sum me up pretty dang well.

But I’m going to take the road less flooded and go ahead and describe how I look. Mostly because I never answer a question like this for face value and i think I can stand to grow in that. So here goes… I’m a 5’8ish female with brown hair past my shoulders and brown eyes. I have what I used to describe as “Wooly Willy” dark black eyebrows. But, luckily, the eyebrow gods and trendsetters of the past decade have worked in my favor. I’ve learned to embrace the fullness. I tend to wear really plain neutral clothes on a daily basis and have a closet full of black pants, tanks, and flats. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. However if you asked me my style I’d say I’m sorta geekchic academia, or more specifically non goth Weezer-esk emo. Make shrunken cardigans, fake plastic glasses, and dirty keds hot again.

So there you have it. I’m a compassionate and creative plainly dressed therapist who is low key stuck in the late nineties.

Aww, y’all, I think I did my little middle school self proud.

a few of my favorite things…

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  1. So cute 🙂 Also hi! I’ve been gone for a bit – will catch up on my email notifications 🙂

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