Self Care Journal 10

Self Care Journal 10

How do you relax?

As a therapist, I think a lot of people have this idea that I’m super chill and zen all of the time. I mean, it makes sense- I literally teach relaxation skills and techniques so I must be the most relaxed person ever, right?

Ha! Fooled ya! Like most things in life we can know exactly what to do but it’s the doing that’s the hard part. Putting things into practice can be really challenging when we have to keep living in the real world.

So, what I try to do, and have my Clients try to do, is to take all of the knowledge that we have about relaxation and sort it through the lens of our current reality. Oftentimes the things we think we should do for relaxation don’t really fit into our daily lives. There is scientific evidence that says that daily meditation is pretty much guaranteed to help you relax. But, real talk, if you just simply don’t have the time, energy, space, resources, capacity, or motivation to sit down and meditate everyday, this fact is a moot point.

Instead of trying to do what we “should” do we want to work towards doing what is realistically going to actually help us relax. I know that I’m a naturally creative person so I tend to have more energy for creative projects and endeavors. So for me, I’ve found that I really enjoy coloring a bit at night before bed. I can’t get to it every night but I try to do it when I’m able and it really helps.

What works for you? What helps you relax?

a few of my favorite things…

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  1. Being snug in bed, a hot shower, good company with friends I know pass zero judgment on me 🙂

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