Self Care Journal 16

self care journal 16

What’s your #1 priority tomorrow?

Let’s see.. I have a lot I would like to accomplish tomorrow but only a few things that actually have to get done. It’s fitting that this prompt came because lately I’ve been battling how/how much to prioritize things that are not actually required of me. Like writing these posts, for example. My job is not dependent on me posting regular blog posts, but it ms something that I want to incorporate into my career. So when I have a blogging goal it’s hard to know where to place it on my priority spectrum. It’s not not important but there’s relatively no consequence for not attending to it tomorrow.

Breaking it down, I have counseling sessions in the afternoon that are set in stone and I’ve committed to them so I’d say that’s my priority, but next in line would be paying bills and updating budgets for the month followed then by taking care of some important personal errands and then, if time permits. writing.

Why is self motivation so dang difficult? 🙄

a few of my favorite things…

3 responses to “Self Care Journal 16”

  1. Well written, keep going ✍️

    1. Thanks for the encouragement and support!

  2. Hi, some good thoughts that I relate to.
    It’s worth a moment of reflection to look in the mirror of how I’m managing my time, something as valuable as money. For me, sometimes it’s hard to prioritize because different parts of me want and enjoy different rewards or emotional goodies. To make an example of compared to eating, I know a part of me likes vegetables! Alot. I really like vegetables. And part of me likes sweets. But they’re definitely not related hungers, and they cancel each other out (I’ve found that’s a great way to train my appetite, satisfying the “healthy” me hunger first 🙂 Yet both types of food, vegies or other healthy items, and sweets like chocolate, are worth it, but clearly each has different values or abilities to contribute a higher ideal, that of healthy living!
    Spending time wisely helps create a healthy time management system, but depriving myself of things that feel good just for fun lowers the quality of my happiness. My way of working with it is to negotiate with kindness and compassion towards the me that’s living just for the fun of life, with the gentle but firmly dedicated, motivated me. It’s not a mental math equation, it’s more like managing the relationship of strong emotional components that belong to the harmonious but diverse parts of myself. “Don’t be mean to myself” works in tandem with “Expect discipline of myself in a realistic and challenging way”.

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