Self Care Journal 18

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What skill would you like to learn?

Whew so many to choose from. The first thing that comes to my mind is sewing but I already know some of the basics, it’s just a skill that I would really like to invest in. I want to make all of my own clothes. It’s been a dream of mine since I can remember. I grew up watching my grandpa “gooddaddy” make custom outfits for equestrian jockeys and I’ve always wanted to make clothes too.

But if we’re talking about a skill that I don’t have any experience with at all, that’s gonna make me think for a moment… most everything I’ve ever wanted to do I’ve tried at least once. Things I haven’t tried, hmm… fencing? Nah, no interest. Ooooh I know I know!! Gymnastics!!!!!

I never got to take gymnastics. I cannot do a cartwheel and I always envied the girls on the playground doing back handsprings. I wanted to do this so much that I remember watching the 90s summer Olympics with a camping mattress on my bedroom floor so I could do the most basic lopsided tumbles and stand up at the end like a gold medal champion!

I want to do gymnastics. I’ve sorta kinda quenched this thirst with learning some really twisty bendy yoga poses, but I have yet to have my legs fly over my head in the air.

So there ya go… adult gymnastics. Is that even a thing? I’m sure it’s a thing. Right?

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  1. Same skill I now regret not taking up !

  2. I would like to learn to weld.  I don’t know why.

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