Self Care Journal 2

Describe one habit that brings you joy.

Hey, I’m starting to like these little midnight prompts. And I figured since this is the kind of stuff I talk about as a therapist all day anyway I’ll give it a go.

An Ode To Hot Yoga

The first thing that comes to mind is my hot yoga practice. Now, if you’ve been to any of my self-care classes or know me at all this might surprise you. It surprises me too, honestly. I have never in my life been known as any kind of exercise junkie. In fact I’m the therapist that usually normalizes how difficult it can be to get into any kind of fitness routine. No judgement here. I never thought I’d be writing about exercise being one of my habits, and I certainly couldn’t have guessed it would actually bring me joy.

I blame a lot of this on growing up in the middle of the heroin chic skinny diet culture era. Everything was ALWAYS about weigh loss. I mean everything. I bet you could give me any word in the dictionary and I could tie it back to weight loss. So having a different perspective on exercise? Yeah, not possible.

But something had clicked for me in the past few years. I’ve started to see the purpose and value of lots of things outside of their role in weight loss or gain. Now, let’s be clear, I 100% got into hot yoga to lose weight, I’ll own that. But it has also been this beautiful journey of learning more about my body, challenging it to do other things than just lose or gain weight. I love practicing yoga now because it makes me feel more in control of my body. I also feel stronger and more flexible after every class.

I know this shift in mindset is easier said than done. If it was easy it wouldn’t have been THE thorn in my side for so long. But I really believe that faith in the process is what got me through. Knowing that other people have seen wonderful outcomes from practicing yoga helps me know that these outcomes are possible even if I couldn’t see it in that first moment. Trusting the process can be really difficult when your mind is tangled in all different directions but sometimes it’s best to just let it go and breathe.


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2 responses to “Self Care Journal 2”

  1. Woo yeah! High hive! 🙌

    It is honestly groupinars that helped me to think so very differently about weight and weight loss vs healthy living, and I think that is a game-changer too in how we think about (and value) ourselves 🙂

    1. Thank you much for sharing that. It’s not the easiest mindset to shift but you’re right its amazing when you can get there. I’m glad I can help.

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