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What could you try for the first time?

I like the word “could” in this post. It reads kind of awkward to me, and I kind of love it. Typically, at least in US english, this question asks what you would do, not what you could do. And I’m totally down for a would versus could analysis of this question.

I’ve never really thought about it but, in this context, the choice word makes a huge difference. “What would you try” leads a sort of dreamy utopic hypothetical response. It doesn’t have any confined parameters nor any imminent call to action. I could say anything. “What would you try for the first time, Amanda?”… maybe teleportation or space travel. I’m down for some flighty unrealistic adventure.

But, “what could you try?” This question doesn’t evoke the same astronaut dreams. This question feels more real. More responsible. More tangible. More adult. And, most importantly, more convictingly doable. “What could you try for the first time, Amanda?”… maybe surfing, med school, or a non-kiddy rollercoaster. Phew, I feel called out.

So, with this question posing a realistic goal that’s a low key call to action, its been a long time since I’ve.seen the ocean…guess I should.

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