Self Care Journal 21

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What major historical events do you remember?

The first historical event that I remember was when they launched a space mission from Cape Canaveral back in either 1989 or the early nineties. I was actually vacationing in Cocoa Beach, Florida where my mom grew up so we got to see some of it. Everything about that trip is a hazy memory because I was 4 years old and only remember certain details but I definitely remember concepts. Plus we have a whole box of photos from the trip. Several pictures of my dad sitting on a stool by the water playing a mandolin with a Panama jack hat on. Then a few photos from the same spot of the launch out over the water.

That was also my first Disney trip with the highlights being getting stuck on Its A Small World (another newsworthy experience) and losing my Aunt and Uncle at the park in the pre cellphone era. My most vivid memory from Disney World was the Frozen Lemonade.

Other historical events that come to mind are voting for Ross Perrot in my elementary school mock election, when Princess Diana died, the Oklahoma City Bombing, watching the OJ trial, the whole Monica Lewinsky thing, Columbine, of course, 9/11, waking up the day after the Bush/Gore election not knowing who won and learning way too much about dimpled and hanging chads, the turn of the century- wondering if the world was going to end bc none of the computers knew how to input the year 2000 (and wondering why we didn’t just all pick another number to use), and watching the series finale of Friends.

There are so many more that I know I’m forgetting but these are the ones that stick out to me. Especially that whole Y2K thing, that ish was wild.

a few of my favorite things…

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  1. Love this post! Also totally remember Y2K also and everyone’s concern/panic that all computer devices would stop overnight. Millennium Bug! I still remember being an early teen at the end of 90’s and thinking that by the year 2000 we might have hovercars…

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