Self Care Journal 24

What is good about having a pet?

Y’all. I love this prompt. My cat is my life! She’s my baby.

I’ve never really been a huge animal person, despite having grown up with two ponies and living around horses and goats my whole life. It’s not that I didn’t like animals, I truly loved them, but I didn’t fully understand the connection, purpose, and value that they bring into our lives. Until I started living with indoor pets like my roommates dog Cole. I started to enjoy pet companionship in a real way.

Then I got Dory (Dolores). Something about this cat! She senses my emotions and snuggles up to me at just the right time. She has a strong personality and drives me nuts sometimes but she just adds so much joy and.. life to my life. That’s what I love most about pets, I think. Sharing life and having adventures with other creatures. Dory definitely keeps my spirits up and my zest for life high.

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