Self-Care Journal 29

What is your favorite place to go in your city?

The city I live in has a vibrant personality, so there are quite a few different ways to answer this question. I live in a popular beach town on the east coast of the US, so the obvious answer is to say “the beach.” I do love a good beach day.

But there’s also a lot of other cool places to explore. With the nickname “Hollywood East” there are so many movies and tv shows that have been filmed here. A lot of them were filmed in our downtown area which is pretty much my absolute favorite place to be. If you’ve seen Dawson’s Creek or One Tree Hill or, more recently, The Summer I Turned Pretty, you’ve probably seen gorgeous scenes that show places that I visit on a regular basis. Our downtown is very historic with a combination of old buildings, cobblestone streets, and new and modern influences.

Fun fact, for all of the OTH fans, I actually worked at a coffee shop downtown that was the original Karen’s Cafe (in the pilot) and Tree Hill Cafe in later seasons. Yeah. Thinking back on it, that little cafe on Front and Grace is the most specific answer to this question.

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