Today’s Joyful Things

today's joyful things

One of my very favorite things to do is to ask people to look around and find three things that bring them joy. Without further ado, here is a list of today’s joyful things brought to you by my fabulous groupinar friends:

The Joyful Things

Colouring! Hot tea. Rain on the windows. singing. Smelling flowers. Connecting. Coloring. Thunderstorms. Birds chirping as the sun rises. Sunflower seeds. Cat. Sunlight. My dogs. Morning cup of coffee. Sound of birds chirping through my window. My dogs. My kids. Cleaning. This moment. My daughter. My parents. Music. Nature. Coffee. Facials. Books from my childhood. Coffee. My daughter. Reading. Central heating. Clean sheets. New friends and new opportunities. Long walks. Cooking. Writing. Warm weather coming soon. Pink lemonade. And bagel with cream cheese. And instacart too(when its working lol). Crafting. my daughter. Working on understanding myself. Even when im sick, I still try to put myself together. I take a shower. I change my clothes and do my hair. My college Tee Shirt. Matching pajamas (even matching my hair tie). And my red royal mug.

What on your list of today’s joyful things?

This is a really fun activity and brings up lots of things that we don’t really think about. But honestly, every time I read this list of today’s joyful things, I find something different that truly brings me joy too. Like, hello pink lemonade. I don’t think I’ve had pink lemonade since I was like 7 years old. But you know what, today, I might just break that streak. Also, yassss central heating. Basically, If you grew up without it, you know for a fact that definitely tops the list of today’s joyful things.

Take a second to look back through the list. Is there anything that sticks out to you? Take some time in your own life to pause, reflect, and recognize the things around you. In essence your goal should be to start making your own list of today’s joyful things.

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  2. This puts a huge smile on my face, and brings me even more joy 😀 Hope it becomes a series!

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