Words Matter

words matter

Words Matter. Las palabras tienen poder.

I have learned so much from working as a social worker and counselor in an elementary school. Every single day I am reminded of how the “simple” lessons that we learned as kids don’t always fully transfer into adulthood. Many of my clients have grown accustomed to my method of “kindergarten lesson,” where we bring it back to the basics. For example, did you know that you can feel two emotions at the same time? I know, it’s mind-blowing. And what about that classic little kid concept that our words matter.

My fascination with this has led me to put a lot of energy into evaluating why most counseling basics for adults is the same stuff that we teach in elementary school. I’ve concluded that it’s not that we don’t know these things, its more that we tend to get so bogged down with stress that we forget, or neglect, the most simple concepts. Like the words we choose. As a young child, we were all taught that words matter. As an adult, I know I’m guilty at times of not being as attentive to this concept

The Words Matter Campaign

I’ve started a new #wordsmatter campaign with my kiddos this week and I think that adults can benefit too. It’s pretty easy. It’s just bringing awareness of the words that we chose to think, speak, and believe; about ourselves, our neighbors, and our environments. Remembering that our words matter.

Building vocabulary is one of the most important things that we can do at any age. The more words we know the freer we can be to express ourselves with genuine intention. A larger word bank gives us the chance to reframe our negative thinking into more powerful, positive, and productive endeavors.

The Challenge Is Simple

Write down as many uplifting words as you can. Find the words that you may have neglected. Be intentional in your narrative- both the internal and the external. Change the way that you feel by reaching deeper into your innate strength-based vocabulary. Or, as elementary teachers would say, build your own word wall.

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